Roadmarks was created in 1994. Since then we have been performing pavement marking work exclusively. We do pavement markings better than any other company in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Our competitors have 1- 3 trucks and apply markings with small hand-pushed applicators. These applicators are needed when doing detail work such as highway intersections, symbols and letters. We have 4 of these hand pushued applicators. Additionally, we are the only ones in Puerto Rico with two self propelled long line applicators  and are the only ones in Puerto Rico with a truck mounted unit. We have two high capacity trucks for thermoplastic application (combined capacity of 12 tons) and two additional smaller trucks with a capacity of 3,000 pounds each. No other company in Puerto Rico has the ability, know how or capability that we have. Talk to us and give us the opportunity to provide you with a quote for your next pavement marking job. Pavement Markings  Pavement markings are important, if not a requisite, for traffic operations and safety. As a source of information and guidance for drivers, pavement markings complement  other traffic control devices such as traffic signals, and signs. Pavement markings provide traffic control information with minimal distraction to drivers, thus providing a crtically necessary layer of safety to the driving public. Roadway safety It has been proved that pavement markings inprove roadway safety by a margin of 29% to 40%, depending on the type of road. Investing in quality pavement markings saves lives and money. Future of the Industry As long as roads exist, pavement markings will be needed. Materials and methods will evolve but needs will remain. Be it physical markings or futuristic magnetic based markings, the safety provided by pavement markings will be evolving and needed for years to come. About Us Quality Pavement Marking Solutions © Road Marks Corporation, All Rights Reserved, 1994-2012